RT @TheHuOfficial: Tickets are still available but selling fast! Which show will we see you at?🤘 #TheHU #BlackThunderTour Buy tickets here…
RT @SimonJCLeBON: We is back - all new WHOOOSH!, “Spent All My Money Last Night, ” with @limegardenband, @thegoaexpress, @delongmusic, @dyla…
RT @DeLongMusic: WE'RE GOING ON TOUR this winter!! With special guest @grabbitz! 👉 https://t.co/ucSXVRZgEb 8/25: Spotify Presale (be sure…
RT @DeLongMusic: So many of you keep asking when I'm coming to your city and I keep saying it's in the works. Well guess what... WE'RE GOIN…
RT @DeLongMusic: stream “Did It To Myself”, wear your seatbelt, vote for DITM on @CBCMusic!! let’s get it to #1!! https://t.co/VVXtnjsZZT
RT @DeLongMusic: @djvanic’s remix of "Did It To Myself" is featured on Trap Nation's Youtube channel! LOVE the "guitar" solo at the end. fr…
RT @DeLongMusic: This time, me and Max Kerman (singer of the band @arkellsmusic) rap about the Canadian music world, punk, and how he succe…
RT @DeLongMusic: MY FIRST PUBLIC SHOW BACK!!!! Can’t wait to party with y’all at @ConfluenceGR_ first ever festival. Free show! https://t.c
RT @DeLongMusic: A personal review of my most compelling livestream to date. #canader #irigstream #livePA https://t.co/3gkekagPbi
RT @DeLongMusic: I promise we're cookin up a real tour, but in the interim, I'm coming to a social platform near you! Mark your calendars!…
New “Did It To Myself” REMIXES are out now! https://t.co/vTGyEgbsnP 🎧 @LunTunes / @lights 🎧 @djvanic 🎧 @JOHNJCCARR… https://t.co/GzAZka2zkT
RT @DeLongMusic: A LaserHarp flip of my song Did it to Myself for your eyes and ears… https://t.co/9OmkSa1XN2
RT @DeLongMusic: From Walmart flyers to a chart-topping musician. Follow your dreams, folks! New 'DeLong Robcast' episode with @lights out…
Top 10!! @DeLongMusic @lights https://t.co/ruwBHIiuoF
RT @TheHuOfficial: Wait a minute…let’s tour! Just announced two dates in Texas with @VOLBEAT! On sale this Friday at 10am local 🎫: https:/…
RT @DeLongMusic: @Lights and I have a fun conversation covering songwriting, religion, the unavailability of AC units in the Northwest, and…
RT @DeLongMusic: Hope everyone is loving “Did It To Myself” Go stream it! https://t.co/IF9scXzY5p https://t.co/9bxOKF6BM9
THE HUN TOUR: NORTH AMERICA 2021 That’s right, @TheHuOfficial are making their way back to North America this fall… https://t.co/gngD26grGP
RT @DeLongMusic: “Did It To Myself (ft. @lights)” out NOW!! https://t.co/IF9scXzY5p https://t.co/Z9TZJZY9Pv
RT @Freaks4Live: 📍Wantagh, NY https://t.co/uHfI5yFhzC
RT @DeLongMusic: Out TOMORROW! Artwork by @lights Pre-save: https://t.co/IF9scXzY5p https://t.co/gDQSrcPMwk
RT @DeLongMusic: This week on the pod I have a lengthy discussion with my friend @dearmothica, fame on insect-related media, music on socia…
RT @DeLongMusic: JUNE 25. @lights Pre-save: https://t.co/IF9scXzY5p https://t.co/Jd8TzV53YX
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RT @TheHuOfficial: Honored to cover @Metallica’s “Through The Never” with all proceeds going to charity! Pre-save here: https://t.co/vpwvMp
RT @TheHuOfficial: ROCKLAHOMA 2021 🤘 Sept 3-5 📍Pryor, OK https://t.co/5ACr59RZ3p
RT @TheHuOfficial: Just received our Gold plaque for hitting 1, 000, 000 subscribers on #YouTube! If you haven’t already, subscribe here: h…
Don’t forget to RSVP! May 13, 1pm PT / 4pm ET https://t.co/8iN0bUBNRg
RT @TheHuOfficial: Ready to ROCK, @BlueRidgeRock?? September 9-12, 2021 | Danville, VA https://t.co/mdT7mAXOUQ https://t.co/4HvGWXvDbC
RT @TheHuOfficial: Shoutout to @TheRock and @Spotify for including #WolfTotem on #DwayneJohnson’s Iron Paradise Tour Playlist 👊 https://t…
RT @IAmTaylorLocke: A while back my director friend asked if I knew how to score a feature film for a major studio… I lied and said yes. In…
RT @DeLongMusic: On this candid ‘DeLong Robcast’ ep I have a long convo with the singer of @SirSly, @SirLandonJ. We talked about his new al…
Join the @MMFUS and @SoundRoyalties for an exploration into the 50+ income streams every music creative should know… https://t.co/YBXNQQ1c9V
(3/3) And check out Taylor on the #LeonBridges/#Diplo track, “Horizon” which Taylor co-wrote and performed guitar.… https://t.co/8HZlobECGA
(2/3) He’s just finished scoring the MGM film, Slayers, which is slated for release in 2021. He also wrote and pr… https://t.co/Q2OAlYePkH
(1/3) HBE PRODUCER HIGHLIGHT: @IAmTaylorLocke Fresh off the heels of his EP release, ‘The Bitter End, ’ in late 20… https://t.co/gZuDl38cfm
@TheMICCo Presents: A Master Class in Music Promotion via #Clubhouse Each panelist will outline: 1) Primary object… https://t.co/vyFLnWCDPT
@TheHuOfficial’s powerful rocker, "Wolf Totem (ft. @JacobyShaddix)" has officially gone GOLD in Canada! The record… https://t.co/DKyd0ZItg4
Glam-punk band, @fangbangerband, just released their music video and single, "Malice in Wonderland" which was Produ… https://t.co/bwssLbpa6R
@TheHuOfficial earn their first certified GOLD record with “Wolf Totem” ft. @JacobyShaddix! Congrats to everyone in… https://t.co/30jXgNYuTz
In an effort to enhance @MMFUS’s advocacy work, we have created an Advocacy Committee to identify issues affecting… https://t.co/WJfLSmpj8y
RT @TheHuOfficial: Which #theHU song are you rockin out to today?? Let us know in the comments! 📸: @steampunker_de https://t.co/cVO3XAzFIC
Join @MMFUS and team leaders from BMAT for a deep dive into music usage, ownership data, and how to accurately trac… https://t.co/p4slWDNK0E
RT @DeLongMusic: Join me while I deconstruct my new SOTM, “Bitcoin Flavored Ketamine, ” tonight on @Twitch! It’s going to be the most fun yo…
RT @TheHuOfficial: We’re bringing #HunnuRock to @sfoutsidelands this October! Tickets on sale now: https://t.co/Em1GqdfF7O https://t.co/m
RT @IAmTaylorLocke: Been working on some cool things lately - scoring a movie, working in the studio with @HRband, and writing for my next…
RT @TheHuOfficial: On this episode of HU We Are, Temka shows us where almost all #TheHU's music is written & recorded, along with a deeper…
RT @DeLongMusic: This could be the last render of the last track... #thanksforeverything https://t.co/YmkAmSX1uX
Celebrating with our dear pal, Gary Spivack on the release of his awesome Rock doc film, @longliverockdoc, which pr… https://t.co/250qjy7E6E
We are proud to join our music biz partners for the launch of an updated https://t.co/0uT3X9BAB0 showcasing the eco… https://t.co/zQw55MNv4M
Our current HBE Producer Spotlight, @dannysaber, just released a fresh new single with Belowsky called, "Hooks Jabs… https://t.co/5qMBypk3EG
RT @Freaks4Live: Who had this #SecretSamadhi poster hanging on their wall?? #freaks4LIVE https://t.co/S6Q73cWloV
RT @TheHuOfficial: Take an inside look on #TheHU's soundcheck at Paramount Theater in Seattle, WA! Watch the full video on @Patreon: https:…
RT @nivassoc: Today, @amyklobuchar & @JohnCornyn led a letter to the White House urging the use of venues & event workforce in the COVID va…
RT @KerrangMagazine: How Mongolian metal became a cultural phenomenon. https://t.co/Oh4s34i09V @TheHuOfficial @NineTreasures https://t.co/o
RT @DeLongMusic: New Song of the Month! Listen to “10, 000 Pages” on SoundCloud: https://t.co/HDJybUapT7 https://t.co/xcXOLacYKv
RT @TheHuOfficial: “This is the Mongol” live in Khovd. Watch the full performance exclusively on @Patreon. https://t.co/JrkqevCt6u https:/…
Help #SaveLiveEventsNow! Send a letter to Congress: https://t.co/Af7e45h8xQ Share with your friends to do the same! https://t.co/6mFdTC7B5a
(4/4) He’s also made a name for himself in film w/ his soundtrack & score work. His music drove commercials for maj… https://t.co/lnR8nSDhq2
(3/4) David Bowie, Sheryl Crow, Marilyn Manson, U2, The Rolling Stones, Public Enemy, Garbage, Willie Nelson, Ozzy… https://t.co/arTnfdScdA
(2/4) Saber is a veritable studio wizard whose multifaceted skills as a Musician, Writer, Producer, Engineer, Remix… https://t.co/U0AqjfE3UY
(1/4) HBE PRODUCER HIGHLIGHT: Danny Saber HBE is thrilled to introduce our newest Producer and all around extremel… https://t.co/3TdhTwhOJa
RT @TheHuOfficial: Traveled back to where we filmed the “Yuve Yuve Yu” music video for a weekend of camping, bonfires, and cooking! On this…
RT @DeLongMusic: Giving away an Autographed #SeeYouInTheFuture Vinyl! 👽 Here’s how to enter: 1. Tag a friend 2. Make sure you both follow @…
RT @ClassicRockMag: Birth, death, love and loss… Live's post-grunge hit I Alone has soundtracked them all. Frontman @EDDIEKLIVE remembers t…
RT @DeLongMusic: Dropped this live version of “Long Way Down” 6 years ago today! 🎥: https://t.co/hmyZjN0YUo https://t.co/oQTJMEWeE3
RT @Freaks4Live: #TBT • #LightningCrashes at Woodstock ‘99. "I wrote 'Lightning Crashes' on an acoustic guitar in my brother's bedroom sho…
RT @TheHuOfficial: Get your hands on our NEW Valentine’s Day Tee and restocked “Made in Mongolia” Leather items! https://t.co/aKH8OHrwjo ht…
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@MMFUS invites you to take part in our first Town Hall meeting of 2021. Join us on 1/27 @ 4pm ET to meet and hear… https://t.co/OrQMbEdy18
RT @TheHuOfficial: Get a behind the scenes look on set of our music video for #SadButTrue! Watch the full BTS video on YouTube: https://t.c
RT @IAmTaylorLocke: Some things I’ve been doing while quarantined: 1. Making music 2. Making pancakes with @KXFM_ https://t.co/14akBpoZmG
RT @LiveLoudConcert: 😱 The @DeLongMusic and @morgxn has officially sold out!! We can’t wait to see everyone at @topcatscinci on Feb 8th! https://t.co/azUqzhxN8D
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@DeLongMusic’s #SeeYouInTheFutureTour with special guest @morgxn starts today in Chicago! https://t.co/szqPUdti1A
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RT @Freaks4Live: Monday Mood https://t.co/fdUtj482qD
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RT @Freaks4Live: Who's ready for more shows in 2019?! 2/09: @fallsviewcasino / Niagra Falls 2/15: @KAABOOCayman / Cayman Islands 2/… https://t.co/Yt4HV5AFIx
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We're throwin it back to the 90s today! Thanks, @Spotify for including @Freaks4Live's "I Alone" and "Lightning Cras… https://t.co/kYeFtLAikX
RT @Freaks4Live: Can't wait to be back, @BSOMF! Tickets on sale now: https://t.co/qyVTxZFxX5 https://t.co/S3caZl1HD0
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RT @DeLongMusic: #FloridamanMusicFestival was tight! In Fort Lauderdale today for #RiptideMusicFestival. I’m on at 3:35 📸:… https://t.co/jX9BjOjog8
RT @Freaks4Live: See you on 2/16, @KAABOOCayman! Tix: https://t.co/vjdXZItJGS https://t.co/GXuQFZbqcZ
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The HBE team spent Sunday evening with @DeLongMusic at @thepalladium! Another killer set! https://t.co/I8EcPEOq5q
RT @DeLongMusic: PLEASE VOTE 📸: @AustinRoa https://t.co/ZxKWdiTMdz
RT @DeLongMusic: Voting is important because the people and things you are voting on are the policies and policy creators that shape… https://t.co/e32PgbSti8
RT @DeLongMusic: Pretty epic night at @boweryballroom. Thanks to everyone who sang along! 📸: @AustinRoa https://t.co/kxz5258Ags
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RT @Glassnotemusic: Did you know only 21% of Millennials voted in the last midterms? #GoVote! @DeLongMusic https://t.co/2AZ8K4pHza
RT @Freaks4Live: #TBT - "Run To The Water" Which LIVE song are you jamming to today?? https://t.co/i3lFv5XZY9
RT @DeLongMusic: Promo 101 🎥: @AustinRoa https://t.co/zhli9eTbAi
RT @DeLongMusic: The lasers are ready, Tucson. See ya tonight at 191 Toole! Tix still avail: https://t.co/Wka3xvyRMW 📸: @AustinRoa https://t.co/HtKcRvyF4B
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RT @MMFUS: Join @MMFUS @bmi, 8730 Sunset Blvd, W. Los Angeles on THU-NOV 1 (6PM-9PM) for guest speakers from advocacy, … https://t.co/PknE0NJtpe
RT @BaebleMusic: [email protected] This is a must watch trip through his new EP. #robertdelong https://t.co/lwAU9Pi7xb
RT @Freaks4Live: Enjoying a walk through pit lane at @supercars, and looking forward to our show Saturday night! #GC600 https://t.co/xsBRCKZhYY
RT @DeLongMusic: 'See You In The Future' NEW EP OUT NOW! Listen here: https://t.co/9b7VdTdsSk https://t.co/Q9IJarBAAu
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RT @Freaks4Live: "Lightning Crashes" is #17 on @billboard's Top Alternative songs of all time ⚡ https://t.co/LieuebPnpj
RT @DeLongMusic: ❗️NEW HEADLINE SHOWS ANNOUNCED❗️ 10/23: Tucson, AZ 10/24: El Paso, TX 10/27: San Antonio, TX 10/28: Austin, TX 11/0… https://t.co/Cq6MDn1ryB
RT @tommymarzband: Check out my album review and interview w/ Chad Taylor of LIVE for SoundVapors. They reunite to record a killer… https://t.co/DjpMdzm7FT
RT @DeLongMusic: #Revolutionary video is out now! https://t.co/cjAaddxoaY https://t.co/U7MtKRVgNP
RT @Freaks4Live: Last tease of the EP is premiering on @Loudwire! Hit the link to hear another new song called, "Brother." #LOCAL717 https://t.co/Vr9aGORv1a
RT @Freaks4Live: Another sneak peek from our forthcoming EP, #LOCAL717! This one's called "Venus In Furs." EP out this Friday! Pr… https://t.co/Ls9tXfpaE7
RT @DeLongMusic: The #Revolutionary music video is out now! Check it out and let me know what you think! https://t.co/cjAaddxoaY
RT @AppleMusic: These visuals. 😱 Watch @DeLongMusic's #Revolutionary video now. https://t.co/29Md3DWGlR
RT @DeLongMusic: Have you seen the music video for #Revolutionary?? Check it out exclusively on @AppleMusic! https://t.co/ABanVCJ3JJ https://t.co/vIe9ZiH9dR
RT @DeLongMusic: The music video for #Revolutionary is debuting exclusively on @AppleMusic! Watch it here: https://t.co/ABanVCJ3JJ https://t.co/5XAARwOTKm
RT @Freaks4Live: New tune, "Waterfall, " from our forthcoming EP, #LOCAL717 out 10/12! Pre-order here: iTunes:… https://t.co/OxaA5NQRVU
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RT @DeLongMusic: On set for the #Revolutionary music video... out soon! https://t.co/9vkoljwABh
RT @DeLongMusic: Text me @ 818-296-9319! I'm giving away merch + tickets, and sharing some behind the scenes content https://t.co/VwpoWeF1pF
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RT @Freaks4Live: "Be A Giver, Man" has been added to another awesome @Spotify playlist!! Listen to our new single on the 'Rock Hard'… https://t.co/pSUF1nllts
RT @Freaks4Live: "Be A Giver, Man" is out now! Check out the lyric video: https://t.co/AdvHZYVaGs You can pre-order/pre-save our fo… https://t.co/nipyjMH9lV
RT @Freaks4Live: Our new single "Be A Giver, Man" off our forthcoming EP 'LOCAL 717' drops this Friday! Pre-save on @spotify now!… https://t.co/ICFCHVsMZO
RT @NoiseyMusic: The song's video, directed by Justen Hernandez, pulls us into a mutating world of floating TVs, crystal dimensions, … https://t.co/nuaDnFcBSr
RT @JamesSupercave: COME ALONE VID IS HERE!! Huge thanks to @NoiseyMusic and @AndreaDomanick for the insightful words and premiere 💙💐💙💐 https://t.co/7cgRLRyz67
RT @DeLongMusic: It's #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and you can register right now at https://t.co/zXYmcx0TJG! #TheFutureIsVoting https://t.co/l6plHgDyMy
RT @Freaks4Live: Make sure to sign up for our mailing list if you haven't already... We have exciting news to share with you very so… https://t.co/cEWxcXsutx
RT @JamesSupercave: 'Come Alone' 👀 👀 music vid dropping this week! https://t.co/D6fpVDDxZa
RT @DeLongMusic: More "Revolutionary" love from @Spotify!! ♪ Alternative Beats - https://t.co/UfGeoG93oM ♪ Totally Alt - https://t.co/WRyfHMjIB8
RT @DeLongMusic: Yo! Text me 818-296-9319 📸: Alexis Dimmer https://t.co/Gc5QNRAajj
RT @DeLongMusic: Shoutout to @dlfnova for spinning #Revolutionary all week 🙌 much love!
RT @onestowatch: [email protected] Is Born Anew in the Wondrous “Come Alone” Read more: https://t.co/VVr4hHWBKb https://t.co/SsEhdYN2kF
RT @WeAreTheGuard: Follow @WeAreTheGuard's Best Indie Daily! on @Spotify! 👉 https://t.co/5p1rvk9Kdy #1 @faraomusic – Marry Me #2… https://t.co/RlBjaevVha
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RT @Freaks4Live: Listen to "Love Lounge" on @Spotify's Rock Hard playlist! https://t.co/KLRaLQpPSA
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RT @JamesSupercave: Our single "Come Alone" is out tomorrow!!! You can presave it here on @Spotify https://t.co/s0Um6oEbNp
RT @holocene: GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a pair of tickets to see LA's explorative psych-pop favorites @JamesSupercave at Holo next T… https://t.co/K5EA5gybUr
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“All hail the power of a deep groove and a sweet, soulful falsetto” Premiere: @JamesSupercave, 'Come Alone'… https://t.co/V4WnCJFNtz
RT @buzzbandsla: ✭✭✭ Premiere: @JamesSupercave, 'Come Alone' -- just dispense with the pretense, the L.A. band's quick-hitting new s… https://t.co/SdEuBBBYwM
RT @JamesSupercave: 🖤🖤 Thank you for the premiere!!! Get your first taste of our new single "Come Alone" here! https://t.co/pjRYd4U6KO
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RT @KatCorbett: yes!!! totally true! Have fun on the road! https://t.co/BXN8XoOYwq
RT @JamesSupercave: SURPRISE! New tunes coming soon! Listen to @kroq Locals Only tonight for a sneak peek!! https://t.co/Kmo7DDjBNt
RT @liveinlimbo: A Chat with @DeLongMusic https://t.co/gKfJXLco6B By @thekatalysts https://t.co/a9qKrkTyRB
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Grand Rapids ➡️ Indianapolis On the bus with @freaks4live after an awesome show! https://t.co/UJMCxwyVTs
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RT @Freaks4Live: Before we were +LIVE+ we were Public Affection. This might have been our first professional gig #TBT https://t.co/6kl9gp1cQJ
RT @noiseprn: NP Exclusive Interview: @DeLongMusic Talks Upcoming @KAABOODELMAR Set + More https://t.co/LDdwW6T8Xr https://t.co/JmbCZT0VXM
RT @Freaks4Live: Toronto tonight 🍻 7:30pm https://t.co/wFL1Gxsafe
RT @amazonmusic: "Let's be more than ordinary" -- @DeLongMusic takes the top spot on #The20. Hear "Revolutionary" & more of the musi… https://t.co/nI9o6Z0Xj1
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We’re loving NY with @Freaks4Live! https://t.co/wDfY3MEq9G
RT @DeLongMusic: Up to something #revolutionary https://t.co/IcJ1rEnWkg
RT @DeLongMusic: New single #Revolutionary out now! https://t.co/bhDLJR6T4v https://t.co/6PxlR8AfS2
@DeLongMusic's new single #Revolutionary is out now! https://t.co/E9yjKjSyiD https://t.co/dI6GYGn98n
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RT @KnitFactoryBK: Just added 💥 @thegloomies joining @JamesSupercave September 6th! 🙃 🎶 ~ https://t.co/Ohp2dnRbTt Tix ~ https://t.co/1ph0D9PRVc
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RT @Freaks4Live: That was special, Hershey. Philly, you're next and we can't wait to play for you! https://t.co/pvUR31PtTJ
RT @JamesSupercave: just added @thegloomies and @PYNKIE3 for our show in brooklyn next month ✨✨ https://t.co/9WHdhdWNNG
RT @Fender: Watch Andy Villalobos of @JamesSupercave demo The Player Series Jaguar. Full demo: https://t.co/9iTf6fO3UG https://t.co/WXlXJG7BGx
RT @JamesSupercave: <3 JAMES new merch avail tmrw at https://t.co/vN8vSKf7Jr https://t.co/NhDB2PX7Ny
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RT @DeLongMusic: Guess what our favorite color is... @blueoctober https://t.co/Acmva6uvxJ
RT @DeLongMusic: Going live with @PasteMagazine soon! Watch it here: https://t.co/PmfIBZa3yn 📸: @samcsch https://t.co/uwAF3tg6nd
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RT @DeLongMusic: Unreal meeting @DBtodomundo - he is one of my favorite musicians and creative minds of all time, and it was such an… https://t.co/ifF8fRiQ52
RT @DeLongMusic: Head over to my @facebook right now and I'll answer all your burning questions!
RT @kazzab13: Y’all. @Freaks4Live were fucking amazing. Incredible musicians and performers. If you get the opportunity - must see.
RT @stereogum: We caught up with Ed Kowalczyk about the Live (@Freaks4Live) reunion and Michael Stipe’s love for “Lightning Crashe… https://t.co/5cDxIZ7Gti
RT @DeLongMusic: UPDATE: New #PanoramaNYC set time is 4:40pm on the Panorama Stage!
RT @KnitFactoryBK: ✨ Just announced ✨ LA darlings @JamesSupercave return to Brooklyn September 6th! 💋 Tickets on-sale Friday at 12pm… https://t.co/7ebYhCpZzi
RT @LiveNation: [email protected]'s new music video for "Love Lounge" is here! Watch now: https://t.co/M6WJp12gh3 Get tickets to see th… https://t.co/UaRxDbmEL9
RT @Freaks4Live: Having too much fun at @bospop with @BillyIdol and Steve Stevens. #bospop #live #billyidol #stevestevens #backstage https://t.co/ZcG5Gv7Yzw
Amazing times @bospop with @Freaks4Live and @BillyIdol ! #live #billyidol #backstage https://t.co/So6Yn2pNAA
Ooo good call! The remix they just dropped is also major #kcrwsummermixer #vibes @kcrw @anthonyvaladez @raulcampos… https://t.co/u4gB7B9y8V
A beautiful day in Amsterdam with @Freaks4Live. #BospopFestival https://t.co/IzWwt9On3g
RT @Freaks4Live: The music video for our new single "Love Lounge" is out NOW! https://t.co/xwgklP5hLW
RT @Freaks4Live: LA is already bringing the heat and the show hasn't even started! 🔥We're on tonight at 7:30pm! 📸: @rockinryan https://t.co/BKekdm6G93
RT @Freaks4Live: Hey LA! We’re really excited to be playing a set for @AudienceMusic & want you to be there this Monday, July 9th. R… https://t.co/nEmo4ClXVv
RT @Freaks4Live: Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 📸: Eric Pefley https://t.co/LIIVVPG6nJ
RT @KEXPNowPlaying: James Supercave - Something to Lose - Something to Lose (2018)
RT @Freaks4Live: Shoutout to @DigsterPlaylist for adding "Love Lounge" to their 'Workout Rock Edition' and 'Rock 2020' playlists on… https://t.co/aJjwfId46K
RT @Freaks4Live: Great show and weekend in Portland! Reno tonight!! 📸: Brent Angelo / @oregonmusicnews https://t.co/C1XIOoLdMW
RT @DeLongMusic: #fbf @fm1019radio's Best Summer Ever. Orlando, FL 📸: @givenheartache https://t.co/VJaRsEV48T
RT @Freaks4Live: What a way to kick off tour, Boise! And we're just getting started... 📸: Weston McGhee https://t.co/BbsLN1HYzT
RT @Freaks4Live: There's just something about Australia we can't resist! See you in October, Gold Coast! @Supercars Vodafone Gold C… https://t.co/4YjFhXGuE6
RT @Freaks4Live: Sound check ✔️ Boise are you ready?? https://t.co/ZKbLrMiWoz
RT @Freaks4Live: Tour starts tomorrow! Check out the "Love Lounge" lyric video so you can sing along with us! Watch the lyric video… https://t.co/orkKdHpq2L
RT @DeLongMusic: Orlando 🙌 SOLD OUT 📸: @givenheartache https://t.co/PtnCJXZotP
RT @DeLongMusic: SEATTLE! See you 8/11 at @1077TheEnd Summer Camp! Tix: https://t.co/txqUSh4ABe https://t.co/AgYBwHaTFF
RT @Freaks4Live: Thank you @Spotify for adding "Love Lounge" to the Rock Your Block playlist! https://t.co/TV3Iti0XQW
RT @Freaks4Live: The lyric video for our new single "Love Lounge" is up on @YouTube! Check it out so you can sing along with us this… https://t.co/RYVCWFAEdW
RT @ShowsIGoTo: BEST SUMMER EVER FM @fm1019radio is bringing the party to @thebeacham this Sunday, June 24th! ⚡ @DeLongMusic wi… https://t.co/24e9ZzyAAH
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RT @RollingStone: Hear Live's first new song with original singer Ed Kowalczyk since 2006 https://t.co/VgkrV1xVVj https://t.co/TyuqnnBo71
RT @DeLongMusic: What up TIME SQUARE!! @kflay https://t.co/SN3uaIUkFy
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RT @DeLongMusic: Another one from #Kerfuffle! Orlando, you're next! See you on Sunday with @DREAMERSjoinus and @MtJoyBand 📸: @ krit… https://t.co/kA8mXw1oFy
RT @Freaks4Live: Get ready to ROCK! 🎸 New single "Love Lounge" out this Friday! Pre-save on @Spotify now: https://t.co/b4sMO1AFbl https://t.co/VL22wIjeGE
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RT @Freaks4Live: Our new single "Love Lounge" is out this Friday, June 22. Pre-save on @Spotify​ now: https://t.co/b4sMO1AFbl https://t.co/jHnzbis298
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RT @DeLongMusic: TORONTO! Let's hang this Sunday at @NXNE Festival Village stage! FREE show!! https://t.co/vKZTGSm86P
RT @DeLongMusic: Coming out of my cave just for you, #kerfuffle. I'm live @ 5pm!! https://t.co/WqnTq6ypCi
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RT @Freaks4Live: JUST ANNOUNCED! We will be performing at @BeauBiloxi on August 3rd! Tickets: https://t.co/GSHL0aCCUJ Pre-sale beg… https://t.co/zYbPZD7bfg
RT @DeLongMusic: Stoked to be hitting the road again this fall with @AJRBrothers!!! https://t.co/iDagelszCt
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RT @DeLongMusic: That was fun, @EA! https://t.co/AI4BLdFceK
On location with @Freaks4Live 🎥 https://t.co/9DwNmpYflh
RT @DeLongMusic: TGIF https://t.co/amXht1eNZz
RT @Freaks4Live: Up to something in NYC 🎸 https://t.co/bC91ek4ENu
RT @DeLongMusic: LOS ANGELES! Come nerd out with me this Sunday at the Hollywood Palladium! Register for a FREE ticket here:… https://t.co/2rN3XV8iXh
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RT @JamesSupercave: thx for the love @sdreader ...we agree... everyone should come to @TheBlondeBarSD JUNE 7TH https://t.co/t09HV3lbsk
Beautiful write-up/interview on @JamesSupercave in the @sdreader! Catch them at @blondebarsd June 7th https://t.co/3U7hEueNAO
Beautiful write-up/interview on @JamesSupercave in the @sandiegoreader! Catch them at @blondebarsd June 7th https://t.co/3U7hEueNAO
RT @DeLongMusic: ORLANDO! I'll be downtown on June 24th for @fm1019radio's Best Summer Ever with @DREAMERSjoinus and @MtJoyBand! Tix… https://t.co/Ip6HCgSHxX
RT @Freaks4Live: Happy Birthday, Patrick!! https://t.co/8mrsqUjf2U
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: Here’s the premiere on @BlackBookMedia_ for @JamesSupercave “Something To Lose” music video. Enjoy! https://t.co/LSlCzGqLEn
RT @DeLongMusic: Yo @awolnation! Yesterday was siiick. Until next time, @97xonair! https://t.co/SnkaS6q0BM
RT @fm1019radio: Listen next week for your tickets to #BestSummerEver with @DeLongMusic @DREAMERSjoinus and @MtJoyBand! https://t.co/puo4No8jE0
RT @DeLongMusic: Hangin with @AJRBrothers at #97XBBQ! https://t.co/upI2mxosw8
RT @Freaks4Live: What songs are getting you pumped for the weekend?? 🎸 📸: Sean Brand https://t.co/QAAZyqas9K
RT @DeLongMusic: Tampa tomorrow! Who will be there for #97XBBQ? https://t.co/mMJ0NSecUG
RT @MidnightClubCO: We will be live very soon!! Tune in to hear @VirettaBand right now! https://t.co/d5mvHYqcV5
RT @DeLongMusic: What's the last song you listened to?? https://t.co/cZEaGlqItg
RT @Freaks4Live: Our summer tour with @CountingCrows is right around the corner and we can’t wait! Get your tickets, if you haven’t… https://t.co/EWdGF16mGO
RT @DeLongMusic: Shoutout to @YouTube/@youtubemusic for featuring #FavoriteColorIsBlue as today's Artist on the Rise video! Check i… https://t.co/XwmZNYRVg5
RT @FTLoLDenver: Thursday night at 8pm we will be live-streaming with @MidnightClubCO and @VirettaBand! Check it out! @EON247_inc https://t.co/iksb4jVvMn
RT @DeLongMusic: @wavome is holding the official #FavoriteColorIsBlue remix competition and there are only a couple days left to sub… https://t.co/ffPjDrsGQS
RT @buzzbandsla: Coming at 9PM: @BuzzBandsLA Show @885FMsocal. #localmusic #LAmusic Including: @TalkTimeband, @YIP_YOPS, … https://t.co/WwzutRMVWF
RT @restlessnites: Friday 5/25 @Mintyboishows presents LA psych-pop outfit @JamesSupercave, joined by rockers @thetracks and Gentle… https://t.co/rIAxj2fOUd
RT @LiveNation: Don't miss your chance to see @Freaks4live on tour with @CountingCrows. Get your 25 YEARS AND COUNTING tour ti… https://t.co/yZZBJNGkqL
RT @DeLongMusic: "Loving and glitching are one and the same" - If you're feeling lonely, or looking for something to soften the blow… https://t.co/T955dJIvSb
RT @DeLongMusic: SEATTLE! Mark your calendars! August 11-12 #TheEndSummerCamp https://t.co/fArgmx9MFc https://t.co/jHUPscMD1h
RT @musicpoliceofl: Scream, the new single by the Denver quartet @MidnightClubCo is one of those tracks you fall in love with after the… https://t.co/6f2kRoRs0x
RT @945thebuzz: We need to know...DO YOU HATE IT? LISTEN + VOTE >> https://t.co/Cp2GDiVPXn @megmyers @bellevuedays @HaloCircus… https://t.co/PMOMXbFGfO
RT @JamesSupercave: 🚨 LA Show! 🚨 Playing w @thetracks + Gentle J at The Factory in DTLA. ALL AGES. TIX: https://t.co/rwx7skWiYn https://t.co/pG5iJs4sp2
RT @kflay: FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE VIDEO OUT NOW get trippy with me n @DeLongMusic https://t.co/lHAlqqwNgh
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue (ft. @kflay) Music Video. Out Now! Check ittt: https://t.co/ZjPTFm4JKE https://t.co/XfjRp59IpU
RT @billboard: Robert DeLong (@DeLongMusic) and @kflay see every shade in "Blue" music video (exclusive) https://t.co/x3BQ8GjsSm https://t.co/w86ExzLnqw
RT @DeLongMusic: Thanks for the love, @billboard! https://t.co/NfXxstVf2N
RT @Freaks4Live: ⬇️ Drop a comment and let us know what was on your '94 mixtape! ⬇️ https://t.co/bAd76NKJMb
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue https://t.co/Vm0QVex5SW
RT @Freaks4Live: GRAND RAPIDS! Tickets to our headline show at @MeijerGardens on September 3rd are now on sale! Tickets:… https://t.co/ODwU12Z17U
RT @DeLongMusic: https://t.co/R64zX7c49S
RT @DeLongMusic: BEST SUMMER EVER https://t.co/n9UnyK3mHV
RT @Freaks4Live: This week in 1995, #ThrowingCopper was #1 on the @billboard 200 Chart! Relive the #ThrowingCopper era with the "Lig… https://t.co/rPjZkmxVRS
RT @DeLongMusic: https://t.co/1PYi5VQ4RG
RT @Freaks4Live: #TBT This week in 1995, #ThrowingCopper was #1 on the @billboard 200 Chart! What's your favorite song from the albu… https://t.co/nDoYRPfXFe
RT @Freaks4Live: This week in 1995, Throwing Copper was #1 on the @billboard 200 Chart. Bring it back to '95 with the "I Alone" musi… https://t.co/SODyQwf8ZA
RT @DeLongMusic: https://t.co/29Ee60NUQi
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: @MidnightClubCO AND @JamesSupercave! 🤘 https://t.co/ip1SsuBsqx
RT @945thebuzz: Check out this one from @JamesSupercave and tell us... #DoYouHateIt LISTEN + VOTE >> https://t.co/Dh5bkPicHG https://t.co/blWBCXwXL9
RT @tobitalks: :: new @ALT987fm #CloseToHome on NOW: @iusandwe @officialrows @FamilyoftheYear @bornsmusic @worldstheband… https://t.co/oPxYliLyO6
RT @kroq: This week's #LocalsOnly playlist! Top 5: 5. @JamesSupercave - Something To Lose 4. @thebrevet - Locked & Loaded 3… https://t.co/oI3bzxYnJ9
RT @BlurredCulture: https://t.co/ByTPlg87jq @Hextrn's review + photos of @JamesSupercave's recent gig at @BOOTLEGtheater 4/27/18 is up!… https://t.co/MoU6HrwKaA
RT @kroq: Our Tuesday meeting with #MrWeatherbee is wrapped up. Here’s @JamesSupercave calling it how it is, funky and fresh! https://t.co/X6JR4lnhmc
RT @KatCorbett: So fun seeing @JamesSupercave in studio @kroq as they join us for Kroq Music Meeting! Hear them on Locals Only Sund… https://t.co/0QbMR8lR5h
RT @Freaks4Live: Final day to celebrate Summer Concert Season with a special $20 All-in ticket offer to see us on tour with… https://t.co/r0TxvwJQR8
@tferriss I’ve really been enjoying starting each day with Tribe of Mentors. Thank you for another great book! -C… https://t.co/6SvWUb86U5
RT @DeLongMusic: New tunes on the @Spotify playlist! Another psych-pop gem from my friends in @JamesSupercave, and a rockin’ song fr… https://t.co/vxhzBdcXPZ
RT @KatCorbett: 10p join me for @kroq #locals only 106.7FM! Hear new tunes from @cherryglazerr @yfctheband @Interruptweets… https://t.co/9APrp1O3ul
RT @airplay_junkie: Thanks @tobitalks for spinning @JamesSupercave !!! https://t.co/VB3DMnbXhL
RT @AXSTVConcerts: Today in 1995, @Freaks4Live's album "Throwing Copper" was #1 on the @billboard Top 200. Do you own it? https://t.co/DV0fnxNF9p
RT @DeLongMusic: Listen to #FavoriteColorIsBlue (feat. @kflay) on @Spotify! https://t.co/Dm4mUtojVs https://t.co/SsLwTS8myh
back2back HBE artists on @applemusic's Breaking Alternative playlist! @robertdelong / @jamessupercave https://t.co/LH6IuzQC0v
RT @Section101Tweet: Looking for some new music to enjoy? Visit https://t.co/vhYXINHZIw and check out their great line up of managed and… https://t.co/fusEBOOPWg
RT @JamesSupercave: A win for casual listening... glad you found us @glamglare Thank you for the kind words! https://t.co/n0c318GVJ4
RT @JamesSupercave: Our new single got voted #1 on KROQs Locals Only! Thanks to everyone who voted / listened & a huge thnx to… https://t.co/CeNj4KsDNh
RT @JamesSupercave: "Incredible soul"... thanks for the kind words @EarToThe_Ground 🖤✨ https://t.co/oH3ks7fOFE
@DeLongMusic's laser harp was in full swing last night! #FavoriteColorIsBlue https://t.co/ezpQtXu3XH
RT @Freaks4Live: Anyone else hear something familiar in the new Kodachrome movie?? https://t.co/OaVYgY6SFi
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: Wooo @JamesSupercave... #1 on @kroq #LocalsOnly and #1 in your hearts 🖤 https://t.co/mY3RmWi5q1
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RT @DeLongMusic: Dope thymez in Texas with @kflay. Check it out... https://t.co/wCHcRyqaNO
RT @MidnightClubCO: "These rising stars might just save Denver rock" Huge thanks to @DenverWestword for this awesome write up. If you g… https://t.co/E0qjdmSndo
RT @MidnightClubCO: Owen lost his keys, wallet and credit card, Sean lost his humility, we all lost Miles and Harry lost the top 7 butt… https://t.co/YviUJjYUJ9
RT @DeLongMusic: On the Road in Texas. Behind the Scenes. Tomorrow. https://t.co/ZSVYMmJGLQ
RT @DeLongMusic: Hopped up on stage with @kflay a few times to perform #FavoriteColorIsBlue. Check it out exclusively on… https://t.co/EybFzoHLyD
RT @Freaks4Live: Head over to our Facebook for a Q&A with Chad G! 📸: Gerry Nicholls https://t.co/rNt8myi8Tz
RT @101WKQX: Robert Delong is playing our FREE @coorslight Courtesy Concert on 4/26 at Basecamp in Lisle! That's right... it'll… https://t.co/IlhBcKUmFn
RT @JamesSupercave: Made top 5 y'all! Listen + vote 4 Something To Lose on @kroq Locals Only Playlist. Huge thnx to @KatCorbett 4 the 🖤 https://t.co/H3bKfVHenV
RT @LiveNation: SAVE THE DATE: National Concert Week is almost here! To celebrate summer concert season, Live Nation is offering $2… https://t.co/xGKu3X5vji
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RT @DeLongMusic: I've teamed up with @wavome to launch the official REMIX COMPETITION for #FavoriteColorIsBlue (feat. @kflay)! The w… https://t.co/Mt5v7fwHXC
RT @BOOTLEGtheater: Low Ticket Warning for @jamessupercave with @pompeyamoscow and @lukasscottfrank on Friday, April… https://t.co/bf4ztedulX
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Thank you @kcrwkramer!! Love hearing @JamesSupercave on the @kcrw airwaves https://t.co/pS3ImCEwTp
RT @SOUNDCHECKSPINS: The amazing new track from @JamesSupercave on your airwaves now! "Something to Lose" on your @ALT1053Radio Soundche… https://t.co/Dxkbf6fb9K
RT @StepRockets: Listen to Past Life by Step Rockets #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/wjJdFcqPjr
RT @DeLongMusic: Smiling in photos without any reason https://t.co/9KMTGRaWkI
RT @DeLongMusic: Just revamped my Essentials Playlist on @Spotify! Follow and listen for some @kendricklamar / @wearecourtship /… https://t.co/PWXeqdu4Mi
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RT @onestowatch: EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: @JamesSupercave Fearlessly Explore Newfound Territory in “Something To Lose.” Full exclusive:… https://t.co/C5HIjXkAI9
RT @JamesSupercave: I am glowing after this crazy review! Thank you @onestowatch ! Click thru to have a first listen at our new single… https://t.co/Yits4ajG3t
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: Listen to @JamesSupercave new single “Something To Lose” everywhere! https://t.co/PLyZtjLKFC
Sooooo gooood!!!! https://t.co/4WjTaqNrj4
@StepRockets just released their new single, "Past Life." Give it a listen! https://t.co/COQXChPhRd
RT @DeLongMusic: Don’t forget to post a pic/vid and tag #FavoriteColorIsBlue if you hear it on the radio for a chance to win a pair… https://t.co/kHTXar04o5
RT @Freaks4Live: #TBT '00 Rock im Park with Adam Duritz of @CountingCrows https://t.co/Sb00xQSZT8
RT @DeLongMusic: Playing the Bembé inspired half-time groove which was the basis for the verse rhythms in my song… https://t.co/ZUrSTOBeaz
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: Hey @kcrwkramer thanks for the @JamesSupercave “Something To Lose” spin!
RT @JamesSupercave: !!! Another sneak peak of our new single "Something To Lose" courtesy @kcrwkramer @kcrw 🙌🏼🙏 https://t.co/WhGmFP2KLE
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: Hey @kcrwkramer thanks for the @JamesSupercave “Something To Lose” spin!
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: New @JamesSupercave #SomethingToLose 9pm tonight! https://t.co/Ebql1xfjvJ
RT @JamesSupercave: Yo!! Thank u @kcrw and mad love to @raulcampos 🖤💜🖤 https://t.co/bmTh3JCG7z
RT @JamesSupercave: New single "Something To Lose" is out 1 week from today! https://t.co/NOqFC7VYQI
RT @AirSklare: Yoooo @raulcampos that new @JamesSupercave was 🔥🔥🔥🔥
RT @DeLongMusic: Have you heard Favorite Color Is Blue on the radio?? Send me a pic or vid when you hear it and you're automatically… https://t.co/XVAWD2NmoA
RT @Freaks4Live: Tickets for our summer tour with @CountingCrows are on sale today at 10AM local time! Grab your tickets and get rea… https://t.co/gOanWe9uzy
RT @JamesSupercave: & quote: "taking the tempo of the night, crumpling it into a ball, and then sending it rocketing into outer space"… https://t.co/EG6TrGmNKj
RT @DeLongMusic: Drinkin at a playground, tequila for one 📸: @austinroa https://t.co/PiL8vMtWiD
RT @DeLongMusic: I'm at a funeral, nothing unusual 📸: @austinroa https://t.co/YbDmjcm0vC
RT @Freaks4Live: Pre-sale begins TODAY! Use pre-sale code: FREAKS4LIVE Tues, April 3 @ 10AM local through Thur, April 4 at 10PM loca… https://t.co/gifrEhljvu
RT @DeLongMusic: My brain is a time bomb 📸: @austinroa https://t.co/HUnZJTxeiF
RT @kflay: favorite color is blue w/ @DeLongMusic is on @Spotify's rock this playlist + digging now & new noise!!! give it a… https://t.co/p3cSO1nUSp
RT @Freaks4Live: We’re excited to announce that we’ll be joining our good friends, @CountingCrows, for an amazing summer tour togeth… https://t.co/iWB7uqGa8V
RT @JamesSupercave: New music out Friday the 13th 🖤 https://t.co/R9VDK1ijvw
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue live at @granadatheater. 📸: @britobrien_ https://t.co/YHaeDjHkdD
RT @DeLongMusic: Thank you, @Spotify for adding #FavoriteColorIsBlue to the #RockThis playlist! So dope!!! https://t.co/4KoscXNJz7
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue w/ @kflay. Live at @granadatheater https://t.co/zC18TRGUd2
RT @DeLongMusic: Performed #FavoriteColorIsBlue with @kflay for the first time last night 📸: @britobrien_ https://t.co/Wjx5x9ygkU
RT @101WKQX: Come out to a FREE show w/ Robert DeLong​! It's a @CoorsLight Courtesy Concert at BaseCamp Pub & Eatery​ in Lisle!… https://t.co/34RLnyDshu
RT @Altbuffalo: Your #Kerfuffle 2018 Line-up! Plus more to be announced!! @awolnation @mattandkim @ManchesterOrch @DeLongMusic… https://t.co/MCp7aOxDpC
RT @DeLongMusic: Thanks for having us, @ALT1037DFW! https://t.co/3WkFFQ9948
RT @kcrwkramer: When I first heard this song I flipped on how good it was. Here is @MidnightClubCO "Scream" tonight on the show… https://t.co/ywWuHWj0Qn
RT @JamesSupercave: Music/Shows/Swag coming soon ... until then, any merch from store gets thee a chance for free tix to our next LA sh… https://t.co/ITq7kcxAJ0
RT @UnbreakableTwit: @Freaks4Live signed this guitar to help out the amazing team at Maya’s Rest, a place for families with children und… https://t.co/dcDYpLWCoC
RT @DeLongMusic: Add #FavoriteColorIsBlue (feat. @kflay) to your @Spotify playlist! https://t.co/xDUYKEOBij
RT @Freaks4Live: Awesome cover of Lightning Crashes by @MixdUpEvrything https://t.co/xOTfLVZrXb
RT @DeLongMusic: #KAABOOdelmar 2018 https://t.co/7DNJjeDg5Z
RT @kcrwkramer: Tracks from @TiggsDaAuthor "Fragile" @rejjiesnow "Charlie Brown @KikoBunOfficial "Stay Bless" @Twinshadow "Brace"… https://t.co/MmNnpOCtjp
RT @MidnightClubCO: Justin KILLED this video, please watch it! 🤘 https://t.co/3qhlfWfh9A
RT @DeLongMusic: Glad you dig it! https://t.co/2jwWUvLe8m
RT @JamesSupercave: THANK YOU @Fender THE KING OF GUITARS, THE SOUNDTRACK TO OUR LIVES! Here's Andres enjoying a sparkly new Jaguar so… https://t.co/v0EK9F1bKG
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue (ft. @kflay) lyric video is out now! What's your favorite lyric?? https://t.co/3VGc5M1gBT
RT @MidnightClubCO: SCREAM Music Video 🥀 Out Now! https://t.co/LOh4LbPxos
RT @MidnightClubCO: Behind the scenes look 👀. Take a peak at our new music video over at @backseatmafia before the official release tom… https://t.co/pJ0GdBNEV7
RT @MidnightClubCO: New additions to our Essentials playlist on Spotify including our new single, SCREAM! What's your favorite song on… https://t.co/irds4zes3J
RT @Freaks4Live: #TBT '90s Pop Rock https://t.co/Yf6gH2klRt
RT @DeLongMusic: Q: Who is faster on the mic? #FavoriteColorIsBlue (feat. @kflay) lyric video out tomorrow! https://t.co/qILvJyXepH
RT @BackseatMafia: Premiere: the brilliant Midnight Club @MidnightClubCO reveal new video for Scream https://t.co/hTBgHDn98R https://t.co/pr4awancnb
RT @kcrwkramer: New banger from @DeLongMusic ft @kflay "Favorite Color is blue" on the show @kcrw radio. https://t.co/htRD4ObDpw https://t.co/Db7heX86lo
RT @MidnightClubCO: Have an exclusive look at our new music video via @BackseatMafia 🥀 https://t.co/zTNM1UUg6i
RT @DeLongMusic: Q: What is your favorite lyric from #FavoriteColorIsBlue? https://t.co/Z4eKpnAIvD
RT @DeLongMusic: Q: What was the writing process like for #FavoriteColorIsBlue? https://t.co/OKDyLgMfV3
RT @MidnightClubCO: SCREAM Music Video 🥀 3.16.18 https://t.co/f85wYQLeDo
RT @Freaks4Live: #freaks4LIVE 📸: Phil Burnham https://t.co/eOr0rhS9vq
RT @DeLongMusic: Have you @Shazam'd #FavoriteColorIsBlue yet?! https://t.co/b99mXM4xjI
RT @MidnightClubCO: SCREAM Music Video 🥀 3.16.18 https://t.co/w1DNKwkQL3
RT @Freaks4Live: #freaks4LIVE 📸: Phil Burnham https://t.co/KtDd7gj9pR
RT @MidnightClubCO: Thank you guys for celebrating the release of “Scream” with us and for giving us our third consecutive sell-out. We… https://t.co/0KWTFQXf7X
Another SOLD OUT show!! https://t.co/UBYzrzEKNE
New music from @MidnightClubCO! https://t.co/WGYUd0jQaD
RT @Section101Tweet: Tooting our own horn (toot!) - @jennbostic, @jamieskent and @HardinBourke's @StepRockets all performing at… https://t.co/6XaFyJFIpP
RT @MidnightClubCO: You can find our new single “Scream” at an online realtor near you TOMORROW! We can’t wait for you guys to hear thi… https://t.co/nqdwA2toCd
RT @Freaks4Live: #freaks4LIVE 📸: Bill Blair https://t.co/cP1btTYJIs
RT @MidnightClubCO: Our faces when we found out Close Your Eyes hit 100K streams on Spotify but Miles’ appendix was still burst. Thank… https://t.co/cbuSnanKyR
RT @DeLongMusic: FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE (feat. @kflay) is out now! Listen here: https://t.co/WSzubt9phb https://t.co/29I1Ayurrp
RT @MeganHoliday: [email protected] feat. @kflay - Favorite Color Is Blue sounded 💯 on @KROQ tonight on #TheFix!!! Loved playing it. 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/LGdvd7kMqe
The view from the “office” today in the lovely city of Perth, Australia on tour with @Freaks4Live https://t.co/nmGOHqRekW
[email protected]! The consummate showman. @Adelaide_500 https://t.co/4Hf2C08wSw
RT @MidnightClubCO: One week until “Scream” comes out! Retweet if you’re excited!! https://t.co/uAYll0iwFA
RT @DeLongMusic: Just heard #FavoriteColorIsBlue on @alt923radio 🙌
RT @Freaks4Live: Thank you, SYDNEY! https://t.co/Cg7gsMk1iD
RT @DeLongMusic: Listen to #FavoriteColorIsBlue (feat. @kflay) on @Spotify! 🎧New Music Friday (US/Can/AU&NZ) 🎧New Noise 🎧Alternative… https://t.co/poXRGvFSKc
RT @Freaks4Live: Sydney...it’s on!! Adelaide, Perth...are you ready!?! https://t.co/nTlO6slZ76
If you're loving @DeLongMusic and @kflay's #FavoriteColorIsBlue then throw them a vote!! https://t.co/yghX15Ddb6
RT @DeLongMusic: Feelin the love from @AppleMusic! #FavoriteColorIsBlue 🎧 Best of the Week (US/Can) 🎧 Beats by Dr. Dre's Beats of th… https://t.co/PXNz5zHZEM
RT @Freaks4Live: Touchdown in Sydney, Australia! Who's coming to the show tomorrow at @ICCSyd?? Tickets: https://t.co/QIQhURr7VY 📸:… https://t.co/34PPfIxRRD
RT @MidnightClubCO: New single, SCREAM, out March 9th! Single release show at @LarimerLounge on March 10th! Tickets:… https://t.co/iveHQzuUq5
RT @LarimerLounge: JUST ANNOUNCED: The Midnight Club is here 3/10 with Compass & Cavern! Tickets ON SALE NOW at >>... https://t.co/sVrLP96h5n
RT @MidnightClubCO: Sorry for any confusion! The show is actually March 10th. See you there 🤘 https://t.co/zMzIwikTkz
RT @DeLongMusic: Thanks @NylonMag for including #FavoriteColorIsBlue! https://t.co/2SwQ2HplRg
RT @BaebleMusic: IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week ft. @JamesBayMusic, @XAmbassadors, @CHVRCHES + more-- https://t.co/lhOIpodgGa https://t.co/bOSIsGHyXg
RT @DeLongMusic: Shout out to @Spotify for including #FavoriteColorIsBlue with @kflay on the #NewMusicFriday playlist! 🎧 New Music F… https://t.co/TLuCZRZ5ve
RT @Glassnotemusic: Today @DeLongMusic returns with #FavoriteColorIsBlue + @kflay! https://t.co/aHEyDi1tqp https://t.co/tKmOD3C7Ms
RT @kflay: favorite color is blue. w/ @DeLongMusic NEW SONG OUT EVERYWHERE TODAY HOPE U DIG IT https://t.co/4gM1h9Z6dn
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue + @kflay OUT NOW / https://t.co/WSzubt9phb https://t.co/AqGg8Sg36a
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue / with @kflay / 2.23.18 Pre-save on Spotify: https://t.co/iTo8cIXvri https://t.co/fCwq4FCNH8
Just heard #FavoriteColorIsBlue by @DeLongMusic and @kflay on @altnation 🙌 https://t.co/4sUcmOqybq
RT @Freaks4Live: #TBT Saturday Night Live '97 https://t.co/FfzDC2FYN4
RT @DeLongMusic: #FavoriteColorIsBlue / with @kflay / out tomorrow Pre-save on Spotify: https://t.co/iTo8cIXvri https://t.co/wDqa8l4tq9
@carlabruni thanks for bringing your French grace to DTLA tonight. You were amazing. https://t.co/eSQNgQepkD
RT @TripleMSydney: Calling all @Freaks4Live fans! Can you figure out this LIVE song? We have an epic, money-can't-buy prize for LIVE… https://t.co/V9IfEUaChb
RT @Freaks4Live: Not long until we return to Australia with @theteapartyband and @BIRDSOFTOKYO! https://t.co/MpVoTzXbal
RT @DeLongMusic: Pre-save #FavoriteColorIsBlue on Spotify! https://t.co/iTo8cIXvri https://t.co/ubS3P4acUx
RT @NoiseyMusic: "If you wanna be a rockstar, look out the window, stare at the clouds and do loud farts." Read our interview with… https://t.co/cFEpF0KqJn
RT @DeLongMusic: FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE with @kflay / 2.23.18 https://t.co/F5UWAfJnyf
RT @scenestr: "Josh Homme would be someone I would love to work with or produce a song of ours." Interview with @EDDIEKLIVE Kowal… https://t.co/3yBoBdMB74
RT @kflay: FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE with @DeLongMusic / this friday https://t.co/9XfwEWy6Sb
RT @DeLongMusic: FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE with @kflay / 2.23.18 https://t.co/JWExjnSIsF
RT @kflay: i'm so excited for this https://t.co/DxnJQBETRW
RT @MidnightClubCO: Close Your Eyes just hit 90K streams on Spotify! Massive thanks to everyone who has jammed it thus far⚡️ 📸-… https://t.co/QTHOM1oe5F
RT @DeLongMusic: FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE with @kflay / 2.23.18 https://t.co/bmSol83Z1h
RT @DeLongMusic: https://t.co/Uy2kBof7cb
RT @NBCOlympics: REDEMPTION FOR SHAUN WHITE! HE WINS GOLD on his final run in men's snowboard halfpipe! #BestOfUS #WinterOlympics… https://t.co/uP1BPcZlLV
RT @MidnightClubCO: Thank you so much for the love! ☺️ https://t.co/1iAKEKRTPa
In the city for @Freaks4Live photoshoot with Clay Patrick McBride https://t.co/VPLftqcTVH
RT @Freaks4Live: Photoshoot in NYC with Clay Patrick McBride https://t.co/0CLnbVAREX
RT @Freaks4Live: #TBT Woodstock '99 https://t.co/pNB4pToLq9
RT @DallonWeekes: . @thekillers last night were great! Very cool to see @robbieconnolly_ up there with them! For those unfamiliar wi… https://t.co/kFokdkc5Tl
RT @MidnightClubCO: This picture was shot on film which automatically makes us way cooler and way more retro. New tunes comin atcha SOO… https://t.co/bi01h0QrIc
RT @Freaks4Live: Ready to get back on the road! What songs do you want to hear?? #Freaks4LIVE https://t.co/9E9Bgikuyl
RT @DeLongMusic: PANORAMA 2018. https://t.co/67gLcthx4G https://t.co/fyV5If42dW
RT @Freaks4Live: Chad G and @YesodWilliams of @pepperlive hanging out with @ZildjianCompany at #NAMMShow! Hear the interview with Ch… https://t.co/T1sW7P4VaC
RT @MidnightClubCO: Happy birthday to @Itsharryspring ; our amazing guitar player, songwriter, and friend! This guy’s way with words an… https://t.co/eZAOcnQkYs
RT @Freaks4Live: We'll cheers to that 🍷😜 https://t.co/QfxHwoSPnK
RT @Freaks4Live: Can't wait to be back in Australia! Tickets on sale NOW! 1 March - Sydney - https://t.co/QIQhURr7VY 3 March - Adel… https://t.co/cXkpV15Cco
RT @MidnightClubCO: Filming a music video today with the wonderful @justinurban03⚡️ https://t.co/8GYvxypfu7
@93XRT Definitely @Freaks4Live “Lightning Crashes”
RT @93XRT: We went back to 1994 on Saturday Morning Flashback this weekend, what were you jamming to? https://t.co/ZmWk3NFykw
RT @MidnightClubCO: Representing David Bowie and equal rights for all at the #womansmarch 💕⚡️ https://t.co/vM5COiK5cW
RT @MidnightClubCO: Vote for us! ⚡️🤘☺️ https://t.co/IjTHQqtzxd
RT @MidnightClubCO: Huge thank you to the wonderful @ARTVReviews for including #CloseYourEyes in his “Best of 2017” playlist on… https://t.co/Tdv4tWLuZh
RT @MidnightClubCO: Looking for new tunes to dance to? @DamienRice and @TheKinks have been added to our @Spotify Essentials playlist⚡️ https://t.co/PhyGdFte4w
RT @Freaks4Live: Congrats to the Charity Guitar Raffle winner, Erika Seshadri! Thanks to Erika and all the other participants, we’ve… https://t.co/Gi0N7Saezq
RT @StepRockets: One more chance to catch us live this year @FirstAvenue with @bnlx2day and #soitgoes Tix: https://t.co/AQaAdJtHpn https://t.co/d47Hj1BLhP
RT @Freaks4Live: AUSTRALIA! We had so much fun we’re coming back for more in March 2018! SYDNEY - ICC SYDNEY THEATRE - 1ST MARCH PE… https://t.co/JUPTXLgYGv
RT @TwinCitiesGeeks: Minneapolis's @StepRockets treated fans to an intimate acoustic performance at @TheHideawayMPLS last night. https://t.co/vCBSgVE32p
RT @Freaks4Live: In this season giving, we are excited to give back to our hometown by hosting a charity guitar raffle! We will be r… https://t.co/LNHtWnWEPp
RT @Freaks4Live: Limited Edition Autographed Mental Jewelry 25th Anniversary Cassettes, Vinyl and Double CDs now available in the on… https://t.co/Ldi1Es4QCE
RT @MidnightClubCO: Our lyric video for "Close Your Eyes" is out now! Check it out and sing along with us! https://t.co/OyktZx9IaM
RT @Freaks4Live: Today is #GivingTuesday & @EDDIEKLIVE is performing "Lightning Crashes" in bed for sick kids stuck in theirs at… https://t.co/vMgd7P7g0O
RT @MidnightClubCO: Huge thanks to @PreludePress for featuring our show. Check out what they had to say below! https://t.co/pYN7m2g6w3
RT @MidnightClubCO: The kind folks over at @bolderbeat reviewed our tune “Close Your Eyes”. Check out what they had to say⚡️ https://t.co/bti9Z45Uie
RT @Freaks4Live: Appreciate all the Aussie love! https://t.co/zv5DMXelvH
RT @Adelaide_500: We can’t wait to see the original line-up of @Freaks4Live reunite to rock the #Adelaide500 on Saturday night. 🏁🎸Who… https://t.co/DOmn2TvfX0
RT @siriusxmvolume: Coming up on the next episode CHORUS & VERSE with John Rzeznik of @googoodolls: @Freaks4Live Live frontman Ed Kowal… https://t.co/WoLmPWOEog
RT @MidnightClubCO: Guys we made it to 30, 000 streams of Close Your Eyes on Spotify!! 🤘💛⚡️Thank you so much for listening. Let's keep… https://t.co/88iYBP6WeX
RT @Freaks4Live: Thank you, @qldconfidential and thank you, BRISBANE!! https://t.co/oiWlS360iE
RT @MidnightClubCO: ¡Gracias por el amor, @musikorner! https://t.co/WfI3CR57rE
RT @Freaks4Live: This is happening now! SOLD OUT Sun Times Arena-South Africa going crazy!! https://t.co/Vr6qVTkUhp
RT @Freaks4Live: Join us live from South Africa as we stream our Reunion Tour Concert this Saturday! https://t.co/wyYNtEWUxS
RT @StepRockets: Announcing a secret MPLS studio party show via our newsletter on Monday. Sign up at https://t.co/0eQ48yCUvj https://t.co/PRs5vxl8e6
RT @jacarandafm: They kicked off their #LIVESATour in Cape Town last night and are in the #JacarandaFM building right now. If you ha… https://t.co/ygU6ahTSwV
RT @Freaks4Live: Rehearsals ☑️ Cape Town, you ready? https://t.co/yC6BxXL0cc
RT @AMPSAEvents: Our Founder & CEO Andy Mac in Cape Town today with Ed Kowalczyk and Chris Hardin (left, Management) https://t.co/GNLcm9AUHC
RT @AMPSAEvents: Spotted! They’re arrived! Welcome to South Africa @Freaks4Live https://t.co/Hm5Be7DNQB
RT @VoodooNola: A beautiful sunset performance from @Freaks4Live. #VoodooFest photo by @rohofoto https://t.co/VYHF0cgaAW
RT @MidnightClubCO: Massive thank you to the kind folks at @altaddiction for making us their cover story! Check it out below ⚡️ https://t.co/kPMkeQIynV
The Midnight Club \'Close Your Eyes\' in the FMQB Charts
RT @Freaks4Live: Feeling grateful we had the chance to experience some awesome fests this year and looking forward to @VoodooNola th… https://t.co/35CXP6X3RN
RT @MidnightClubCO: We're dancin' because "Close Your Eyes" is #6 on the Alternative Specialty Radio charts. Thank you to every station… https://t.co/jdYecJM2rL
RT @MidnightClubCO: Kansas City!! Listen at 3:15 and then text 64636 or tweet @X1051KC to vote for us!🤘 https://t.co/2ipeDfpjHq
RT @MidnightClubCO: Because of you guys, our song "Close Your Eyes" broke 10, 000 plays on Spotify! Thank you all so much 🤘💛⚡️
RT @MidnightClubCO: Follow our Essentials playlist on @Spotify and rock out to some of our favorite songs with us! https://t.co/PhyGdFte4w
RT @wolfinasuitblog: #NewMusicAlert "Close your eyes" by @MidnightClubCO at https://t.co/tYECxQldkf #indierock #indiemusic #wolfinasuit… https://t.co/Pr3FGTS1uV
RT @ARTVReviews: Oops, find them at @MidnightClubCO if you wanna check them out, tagged the wrong account!
RT @ARTVReviews: Viewer sent this to me, totally getting @PanicAtTheDisco vibes (Pretty Odd meets Vices) from @TheMidnightClub 👍🏻 https://t.co/66GwGyyq9B
Digging some @GlassAnimals at @aclfestival! https://t.co/wEdMqIxlRb
Thanks @BaebleMusic for including @Freaks4Live in your @aclfestival day ✌️favorites! We are ready for round two tom… https://t.co/lCco8nVl3g
RT @StepRockets: Working in the studio with Kevin Bowe. https://t.co/sDLhjQ4dwV
RT @Freaks4Live: Sneak peek at @aclfestival weekend 2! See you tomorrow at the American Express stage @ 4pm! https://t.co/zlqrEVJc84
RT @rockthecause: Huge thanks to @StepRockets for a fantastic performance at Rock 4 Rescues. Stellar!! https://t.co/hjLeuqzm66
RT @DeLongMusic: I casted my vote, now go cast yours!! https://t.co/d7KhrFZqcp
RT @MidnightClubCO: 💥Listen to our new tune "Close Your Eyes" on @Spotify!💥 https://t.co/Y8XDhQ4oUE
RT @austin360: LĪVE sells the drama in epic, hit-filled ACL Fest set https://t.co/m7C8QaIdh0
RT @Freaks4Live: Thank you @aclfestival. Let's do this again next weekend. https://t.co/IEXPCcncOw
RT @MidnightClubCO: Our new single, "Close Your Eyes, " is out NOW! https://t.co/sGmKfT0ssJ https://t.co/4PcqtC5eaq
@MidnightClubCO's debut single is out tomorrow! https://t.co/QQCqAKsqOi
RT @MidnightClubCO: CLOSE YOUR EYES / OCT 6 https://t.co/qgC1uwjHnA
RT @Freaks4Live: Follow LĪVE on Instagram (@freaks4live) to see what they have to say about their performances at @aclfestival on Oc… https://t.co/L7EkyN0UY7
RT @MidnightClubCO: CLOSE YOUR EYES / OCT 6 https://t.co/HITD4npWFD
RT @StepRockets: Grab your tix for #Rock4Rescues @rockthecause : https://t.co/ALXvlm0FJR $10 off promo code: RESCUES https://t.co/p7cAwNscqE
RT @StepRockets: Ready to play #Duluth tomorrow night! @RedHerringDLH https://t.co/dBN1YKAW0c
RT @MidnightClubCO: CLOSE YOUR EYES / OCT 6 https://t.co/0d94fifbMl
RT @MidnightClubCO: NEW SINGLE "Close Your Eyes" out October 6th! https://t.co/f2Gn5MqnDl
RT @Freaks4Live: Thank you, @KAABOODELMAR! https://t.co/wRqF7VnAXw
RT @StepRockets: Tix onsale now for an amazing benefit featuring us, @atlasgenius and @markmallman Details: https://t.co/ALXvlm0FJR https://t.co/IjjnSBWEuz
RT @Freaks4Live: Which @Fender should @thechadtaylor play at @aclfestival? https://t.co/HFsuxtEHBW
RT @DeLongMusic: Stoked to judge the @SockItToMeInc Design A Sock Contest again! Submit your design before 9/30! https://t.co/MC5VaMu4FD
RT @StepRockets: Playing a pop-up acoustic surprise show today from 4-6 at The Commons in #mpls. https://t.co/HQiGyjE1EZ
RT @rockthecause: A pet friendly music festival benefits animal rescue w @markmallman @StepRockets @atlasgenius save $10 use code R4R… https://t.co/yJWw9lDlSz
RT @MidnightClubCO: Castle Rock Outlets/August 25th 📸- @justinurban03 https://t.co/AxFeKaqGkI
RT @KAABOODELMAR: We're freaks for @Freaks4Live. #KAABOO https://t.co/sN7xjMWgcP
Loving @Alanis at @KAABOODELMAR https://t.co/UfjRAnFdts
[email protected] crushing it @KAABOODELMAR!! https://t.co/9Qnr2KmHCS
@Freaks4Live crushing it at @KAABOODELMAR!!! https://t.co/EkaKS3B212
RT @Freaks4Live: See you Sunday, @KAABOODELMAR! https://t.co/mOs9Lf3r32
RT @FictionistNoise: Can't wait to be back at @VelourLive w/ @NobleBodies and Kambree on September 30th!!! https://t.co/s1IonwJCk4
RT @Freaks4Live: Rock out to a collection of our greatest hits on @Spotify! https://t.co/cBLwEYiq6L
RT @StepRockets: Full lineup and early bird tix onsale now for #Rock4rescues https://t.co/y3Jr1Lj659 https://t.co/STHSS7be2y
@DeLongMusic is playing @SunstockSolFest on Saturday. Beautiful non profit solar powered festival benefiting LA communities @ALT987fm
RT @Shop_CR_Outlets: Rock Your Summer Concert Series finishes up THIS FRIDAY with @MidnightClubCO Enjoy great live music for FREE from 6… https://t.co/uBTmw9QhgC
Gearing up for a great night with @gunsnroses and @Freaks4Live in Buffalo NY!! https://t.co/pTijwaNC27
RT @StepRockets: September shows. :) https://t.co/eSWkZ4Nncm
RT @MidnightClubCO: We will be playing a FREE show on August 25th! Hope to see you there! https://t.co/ONPGjMSlNY
RT @Freaks4Live: Follow us on Instagram (@freaks4live) to join us live on our last stop with @gunsnroses tomorrow!
RT @MidnightClubCO: We are so excited for @VeloramaFest TOMORROW with @SaintMotel and @dcfc! We're headlining the Groove Auto stage at… https://t.co/Frb0eGiDug
RT @DeLongMusic: how often do you find the break that a kick sample is from?! #inphase https://t.co/87VN5XAYlo
RT @Freaks4Live: Only 2 more days until the ‘Mental Jewelry’ 25th Anniversary release! Pre-order yours now! https://t.co/RpNb1athRV https://t.co/HK39uMi8Xa
RT @DeLongMusic: See you in the future, @SunstockSolFest! #TheFutureIsBright https://t.co/9HTu8r6FBX
RT @Freaks4Live: Incredible time at @parkwestevents! Let's do it all again at @lollapalooza tonight at 6pm @ the Tito's stage! 📸:… https://t.co/J7B5pQUiqd
@Freaks4Live now in Chicago. Amazing night!! 🤘 https://t.co/cmLRg9dyoL
RT @Freaks4Live: Looking forward to a SOLD OUT show tonight in the Windy City! Let's do this Chicago!! https://t.co/AOJcZjQnb7
RT @NYConcertLife: Interesting to see Robert @DeLongMusic play with other musicians. Thanks @Glassnotemusic & @TheSeaport for a great… https://t.co/wshqRBRYOy
RT @Glassnotemusic: Had a great evening at @TheSeaport with @DeLongMusic, @OIAB and @SNNYORDIE! Thanks to Seaport District, @LiveNation… https://t.co/fMYb8NBIfO
RT @DeLongMusic: I have a few surprises for you tonight, NYC! Come to @TheSeaport for a FREE show. I'm on at 8pm! https://t.co/ZAY9kjM0YV
RT @AltNationNet: [email protected] Remembers @Freaks4Live's Road To Mental Jewelry 25 Years Later https://t.co/Sfn2lzXy4I https://t.co/IYZLuV7ZYT
RT @StepRockets: Hey Columbus, see you on Friday. https://t.co/7CpzD4bmrh https://t.co/TFbcl8WtK1
RT @Freaks4Live: Ed K chats w/ @dailyherald about LĪVE's upcoming performance at Lollapalooza & their official aftershow @ Park West! https://t.co/YRtCYBdVsM
RT @rooftopconcerts: We cannot express how much we love @FictionistNoise in 140 characters so you should just follow them on Twitter and… https://t.co/I9iRQhUhNo
RT @StepRockets: Big thanks #Chicago! Our favorite show in the Windy City to date! https://t.co/FRzpl6OyAN
RT @MidnightClubCO: TONIGHT! We'll be playing at The Bluebird Theatre with @imajmitchelI. We're on at 7:30 so get there early!… https://t.co/gjpVStabAp
RT @Freaks4Live: https://t.co/90IY8uRRzD
RT @Freaks4Live: 🇦🇺 dates on sale now! 11/15-Brisbane https://t.co/UFtEZetLrH 11/17-Melbourne https://t.co/w84hIwFUyi 11/18-Pokolbin… https://t.co/ZDtixsAZYN
RT @rooftopconcerts: On August 4th we'll have @FictionistNoise @BookonTapeWorm and @miagracemusic on the Rooftop stage. Be there at 7:30… https://t.co/d7fYHIsuV6
RT @Freaks4Live: AUSTRALIA! 15/11 -Riverstage, Brisbane 17/11 -Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne 18/11 -Roche Estate, Pokolbin Tix:… https://t.co/oOVtDSNHld
RT @StepRockets: You excited for @wickerparkfest Chicago?? https://t.co/OTAu5h51am
RT @Musikfest: ENTER TO WIN a pair of tix and an exclusive spot in the @freaks4live PHOTOPASS workshop at Musikfest on 8/7:… https://t.co/nfPP9WGJeH
RT @EDDIEKLIVE: With the boys in Shinedown in Lansing, Michigan! What a great night! https://t.co/GfthiST62D
Watching @LaceySturm tear it up @CGMusicFest! https://t.co/SW3L08yDZG
RT @StepRockets: We will be back in Chicago for #wickerparkfest with @DOOMTREE @GGOOLLDDband and many more. 7/29 https://t.co/oAvN1Gba6s
RT @Go963MN: [email protected] ROCKIN #GoFest17 🤘#GoLocal https://t.co/jy8gJGSQLA
RT @FictionistNoise: We're playing Givestock Festival on 9/9! For every ticket purchased, 2 meals will be donated to the Utah Food Bank!… https://t.co/UDkJdqb3Sm
RT @RollingStone: Hear Live's intense "Pain Lies on the Riverside" from 1992 Roxy show https://t.co/otHnKmnh5Y https://t.co/j8LUUcvW2R
RT @StepRockets: Check out the new Money remix from @VERSKOTZI https://t.co/ZrqnIVUZHa https://t.co/OAZBAtHvm5
RT @MidnightClubCO: We'll see you guys on July 9th for the road to @VeloramaFest. https://t.co/Ci2xAf5bIf https://t.co/Yuj56rTvxK
RT @Freaks4Live: Celebrating the 25th anniversary of our debut album, Mental Jewelry, with a deluxe reissue! Pre-order now:… https://t.co/TugtLTiS1a
RT @StepRockets: Just around the corner! @Go963MN https://t.co/lTFphftHuK
RT @RollingStone: Hear Live's intense "Pain Lies on the Riverside" from 1992 Roxy show https://t.co/otHnKmnh5Y https://t.co/j8LUUcvW2R
@TheYumYumFoodie @tompetty @arroyosecowknd Sorry bro! It should be fixed now. But let's try this one too... [email protected]
RT @TheYumYumFoodie: #AboutLastNight one of my favorite all time bands @freaks4live had an amazing set at @arroyosecowknd. @edkowalczyk…… https://t.co/mazLVRGnAX
Enjoying some @tompetty @arroyosecowknd!! https://t.co/jwbd2mtHOU
Looking forward to the inaugural @arroyosecowknd with @Freaks4Live today!! https://t.co/i0vyAXegHS
RT @StepRockets: Less than 2 weeks until our next show @Go963MN #GoFest https://t.co/r4sKTQdrVg
RT @MidnightClubCO: Come support us on the Road to @VeloramaFest! We play on 7/9 at @LarimerLounge! https://t.co/Ci2xAf5bIf https://t.co/JCdAGPPUgt
RT @noisepop: Tonight! Celebrate summer solstice with @FictionistNoise at Cafe du Nord ☀️https://t.co/8byf3QdZOH
RT @noisepop: Listening to the new @FictionistNoise as we get ready for their Du Nord play tomorrow! https://t.co/FYXvzYUvKX https://t.co/jF3QN2jBaN
RT @lollapalooza: Keep the party going with @Freaks4Live at their Official Lollapalooza Aftershow! https://t.co/cbs9jxNCXe https://t.co/udrCSGs3du
#TraderJoes adding to the shopping experience by playing @DeLongMusic throughout the store #RobertDeLong #LongWayDown
RT @MidnightClubCO: Check out this article written about us on the Rocks Fanzine ✌️⚡️ https://t.co/jU5SkTDo9q
RT @DeLongMusic: NYC - 8/3 - FREE! - #SeaportSummer https://t.co/i0zgh6nqq8
RT @FictionistNoise: Almost tour time! First stop...Café du Nord in SF w/ @raenerspace! https://t.co/vHzbWkWFvq
RT @StepRockets: Our next show in MPLS @Go963MN 7.2 Tix:https://t.co/wqfIqoskw3 https://t.co/T7YIBDYazU
RT @Musikfest: See @Freaks4Live's biggest hits on our biggest stage! +LIVE+ rocks our Sands Steel Stage on 8/7! Info:… https://t.co/6oIT19kZoM
Win tix to see @FictionistNoise in LA! https://t.co/vn2hg1AQyf
RT @FictionistNoise: Tour Tips from Brandon aka “Brandon Dessert-Sitterman” aka “Weird Beard” aka “The Bearded Dragon” https://t.co/Tirq6SxLkR
HEADLINE FESTIVAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! @DeLongMusic is headlining @BRF_Cle Saturday 8/19!!!! #FestivalSeason #GreatLakes… https://t.co/zOfXY7bBS7
RT @FictionistNoise: Not to toot our own horn but... Sleep Machine spends its 3rd week in the Top 10 on the FMQB SubModern Album chart! 🤘🏻🤘🏻
RT @StepRockets: Free show in Iowa City on Thursday! Tix:https://t.co/A5vW6muGbV https://t.co/HHR2tEMsKg
RT @jordansittard: #pp17 #pinkpop years and years waiting for #live Now, just 10 minutes to go https://t.co/SWXWzrreDa
RT @Carlschrijft: Holy fuckin' boner....LIVE op Pinkpop!!!! Yeah!!!!!!
RT @Freaks4Live: Secret Samadhi and The Distance To Here have been re-issued on beautiful colored vinyl! https://t.co/jPyk2lNEqx https://t.co/LauDu1ZE8g
RT @MidnightClubCO: LOST LAKE | 5.29.17 🥀 https://t.co/Wilhq7EtLo
RT @Schubas: RT for a chance to win tix to @SavoirAdore w/ @StepRockets on Thu., June 1st [9PM | 21+] INFO>>>… https://t.co/9pjesK4WSH
RT @DarrenCriss: I've wanted to see @Freaks4Live my whole life. Came to @BottleRockNapa just for this. I made it! I Alone! (And all… https://t.co/fi2smOfvdL
RT @SoundersFC: Join us before the march at Occidental Square for MLS #SummerBeat - @DeLongMusic is playing a free show at 10:15 AM! https://t.co/tkJRR4qnNF
RT @DeLongMusic: Come down to Occidental Park, Seattle, I go on in just a bit!!
@DeLongMusic will be performing at @MLS first-ever #SummerBeat this Saturday! https://t.co/5u4nOFrfgy
RT @Freaks4Live: LĪVE x @gunsnroses 8/11 - Winston-Salem, NC 8/13 - Hershey, PA https://t.co/kVMNQ7tC15 https://t.co/24CGaDKBRQ
RT @StepRockets: Summer sched. https://t.co/IjPt7FE08j
RT @Freaks4Live: See you in November, SOUTH AFRICA! Tickets on sale May 25 @ 9am https://t.co/LjkG6a2HG4
RT @DeLongMusic: I'll be in SEATTLE for @MLS first-ever #SummerBeat on 5/27! https://t.co/sogtnT2x9q https://t.co/aFmjTmD83d
RT @933WMMR: [WATCH] @Freaks4Live, @bushofficial & @TPROfficial pay tribute to Chris Cornell at #MMRBQ https://t.co/yxKohctDZv
RT @MidnightClubCO: You guys were a pleasure to play for on Saturday. We'll be back very soon... 📷- @thealfoster https://t.co/J494wxBjZp
RT @SPIN: Watch Live, Bush, and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor pay tribute to Chris Cornell. https://t.co/ygcx1sBPRI https://t.co/GzrJLRSzAD
RT @StepRockets: Our next two shows are on the books with @SavoirAdore from Brooklyn! https://t.co/F0HUVHkGpa
RT @FictionistNoise: What's your fav song on SLEEP MACHINE?? https://t.co/lbML8IXULX
RT @MidnightClubCO: Our show at Lost Lake is OFFICIALLY sold out! Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket ☺️🤘 https://t.co/luhQxUhBcb
RT @FictionistNoise: ⚡Thank you @Spotify for adding our new single "Lazarus" to #NewMusicFriday!!⚡ https://t.co/0Ry2M84SJn
RT @FictionistNoise: Our new album, SLEEP MACHINE, is out NOW! https://t.co/MM99xT6edF https://t.co/dfexRQwRGa
@FictionistNoise new album, SLEEP MACHINE, is out NOW on @HarbourRcrdngs!! https://t.co/Rmm4VMT5C5 https://t.co/nnxty4nWbN
RT @StepRockets: Our buddies and label mates @FictionistNoise putting out a new record tomorrow on @HarbourRcrdngs! Can't wait! Chec… https://t.co/m1hPnP6Y53
RT @CourtMannHerald: Interviewed members of @FictionistNoise about its new album, "Sleep Machine." https://t.co/An7LKv77Kh
RT @FictionistNoise: 💥Huge thanks to @northerntrans for premiering our new single "Lazarus"💥 https://t.co/nmpEGjoaDA
RT @FictionistNoise: PSA from Brandon! Pre-order SLEEP MACHINE: https://t.co/RyiHn4AS0n See Fictionist on tour:… https://t.co/oSQ0TOGwCz
RT @FictionistNoise: Please welcome our friends joining us on stage for our Sleep Machine Album Release shows this Fri/Sat at… https://t.co/Uu9vhGJwwO
RT @Freaks4Live: See you in Austin this October for @aclfestival! https://t.co/6dHbzlePIO
RT @FictionistNoise: PSA from Aaron! Pre-order SLEEP MACHINE: https://t.co/RyiHn4AS0n See Fictionist on tour: https://t.co/8b4GLSGhbm https://t.co/DsJ1y08Dgv
RT @Freaks4Live: See you in Austin this October for @aclfestival! Tix: https://t.co/AuftQNFHq2 https://t.co/jM4QhnYpFc
RT @Go963MN: Step Rockets are going to be rocking the #GoLocal stage at #GoFest17 on July 2nd at The Cabooze!… https://t.co/zKyOvmycvo
RT @DeLongMusic: See you soon, Chicago! @tasterandolph!!! https://t.co/jZkPl83Ys6
Kicking off the week at @musexpo! https://t.co/mFUdQD1DR5
RT @MidnightClubCO: DENVER! Come rock with us at @LostLakeDenver on May 20th! Tix: https://t.co/7mS1oHOn1c https://t.co/qZpOI7d47N
RT @DeLongMusic: New Song of the Month! Check out "Anymore" on my SoundCloud! https://t.co/kBkyZpOrzc
RT @FictionistNoise: PSA from Robert! Pre-order SLEEP MACHINE: https://t.co/RyiHn4AS0n See Fictionist on tour: https://t.co/8b4GLSGhbm https://t.co/h5hM0kzJ1x
RT @MidnightClubCO: Working on a TMC @Spotify playlist! Any suggestions??
RT @recordstoreday: HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY! #RSD17 https://t.co/t8GSXcXUzK
Live's Ed Kowalczyk Talks Upcoming Tour: 'We Have a Much More Open Mind About How to Be a Band Now' https://t.co/CaixtKedLT via @billboard
RT @FictionistNoise: PSA from Stu! Pre-order SLEEP MACHINE: https://t.co/RyiHn4AS0n See Fictionist on tour: https://t.co/8b4GLSGhbm https://t.co/YgcQ6aYQTw
RT @swedishhall: First day of summer calls for @FictionistNoise's show at Cafe Du Nord! Catch them June 20th & get your tickets now:… https://t.co/deI1EMXQJK
RT @pandoramusic: Drumroll please... #PandoraPremium #SoundsLikeYou https://t.co/xbqp5N3lia https://t.co/XBhBvqJzkj
RT @WICB: Tune into the New Music Show from now to 9pm for new tracks from @Brenyama @FictionistNoise @thebandtoma @LooseButtonsNYC and more!
RT @FictionistNoise: SLEEP MACHINE WEST COAST TOUR Tickets now available: https://t.co/8b4GLSGhbm https://t.co/HgTehjaE01
RT @FictionistNoise: SLEEP MACHINE WEST COAST TOUR Tickets now available: https://t.co/8b4GLSGhbm https://t.co/PwrX6LDhGK
RT @AltNationNet: Interview: Reunited @Freaks4Live Talk Watching NIN With Rock Icon, Woodstock 94 & Pearl Jam https://t.co/hLxXLA99hw https://t.co/Ih1qQRYQBY
RT @StepRockets: Posters available now...https://t.co/BXTHyRwHcq https://t.co/KMQI0EJcTs
RT @FansOfLive: Ed Kowalczyk will be a guest programmer and will be interviewed this week on @sxmLithium https://t.co/0vDAVRta9d
RT @FictionistNoise: Giving away CDs 2 the next 10 ppl that send us a pic of their @VelourLive tix! 5/12: https://t.co/0ph0aM33Ht 5/13:… https://t.co/TCQOfT0jlF
RT @GroundSounds: Minneapolis: Step Rockets - "Money" https://t.co/F7bagWg3rS @StepRockets
RT @FictionistNoise: SLEEP MACHINE t-shirt and bundle now available in our online store! https://t.co/RyiHn4AS0n https://t.co/whz9nPoCE9
RT @FictionistNoise: Our new album, SLEEP MACHINE, is now available for pre-order! https://t.co/fn2I4OL73b https://t.co/mfh0Fs0vkI
New @HarbourRcrdngs release: "Money" by @StepRockets! https://t.co/hCnmPwWO61
RT @StepRockets: New merch available for preorder to celebrate the release of Money tomorrow on @harbourrecords… https://t.co/AzCbtN1L9a
RT @Freaks4Live: Let's see your ticket stubs! Follow us on Instagram (@Freaks4Live) for a chance to win a signed drumhead from the band!
RT @HarbourRcrdngs: NEW @StepRockets single "Money" out this Friday!!! https://t.co/9myA4E46rO
RT @FictionistNoise: Coming soon: SLEEP MACHINE (pt. 6) https://t.co/amhDhxBptf
RT @triplejplays: [email protected] (Robert Delong) - Global Concepts [05:16]
RT @FictionistNoise: Coming soon: SLEEP MACHINE (pt. 5) https://t.co/EKAOsz9wA8
RT @StepRockets: ColoringPageLink: ☝️We need help with our poster! Print, color, and post this nifty colori… https://t.co/6VdmDzINUj https://t.co/OZVQK9ja9A
RT @FictionistNoise: Coming soon pt. 4 https://t.co/nHEUFVLZ59
RT @FictionistNoise: Coming soon pt. 3 https://t.co/2UcR2K4emN
RT @FictionistNoise: Coming soon pt. 2 https://t.co/aqn3NF7N74
RT @DeLongMusic: See you in June, Chicago! https://t.co/M2us461CJq
RT @Freaks4Live: Excited to announce LĪVE will be performing at @KAABOODELMAR in September! Passes are available here:… https://t.co/kbvw4GmITA
RT @Freaks4Live: LĪVE x @lollapalooza Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017 https://t.co/GJB216QElz
RT @FictionistNoise: Coming soon pt. 1 https://t.co/VJqx3OJWzT
RT @arroyosecowknd: Everything’s coming up roses Passes on sale now https://t.co/E87mmCm6Sx https://t.co/Bsi76F8vTP
RT @arroyosecowknd: Hello summer… Arroyo Seco Weekend Pasadena, CA | June 24 & 25 Passes on sale Monday at 11AM https://t.co/E87mmCm6Sx https://t.co/snO1N6ERj0
RT @radioveronica: Zometeen is de band @Freaks4Live te gast bij @niekb van der Bruggen om de eerste stem uit te brengen op de #AlbumTop750!
RT @BSOMF: Pleased to announce @offspring, along with @Freaks4Live will be headlining Jun 10 Kick-off. Price will go up. TIX >… https://t.co/eiTlqdPmYk
RT @Freaks4Live: LĪVE is headed back to @pinkpopfest on June 5, 2017! Tickets on sale Saturday, March 11th! https://t.co/soKuVpCKVx https://t.co/kU3zcDmPB3
RT @DeLongMusic: Looking forward to playing @ID10Tfest in NorCal this June! https://t.co/HmIdrG5ZSk
RT @coslive: Interview: Live discusses reuniting, burying the hatchet, and Throwing Copper https://t.co/MWsBMqLp5r https://t.co/v3aDCUTaLl
@raulcampos Loving the set this evening, bro. That @gavinturek track was a jam. You tha man. Keep it pumping!
RT @StepRockets: Happy Presidents Day! New track "MONEY" available now @Go963MN Learn the lyrics so we can vent at our next show. https://t.co/EOyeQmmugB
RT @Go963MN: Listen: The Step Rockets share some ‘Money’ for free https://t.co/a5JW75VG2l https://t.co/yH0e0d7KNt
RT @PopHiss: James Brown's ‘Funky Drummer' Clyde Stubblefield dies at 73 https://t.co/mvCU6zbDXO
RT @Freaks4Live: Happy 20th Anniversary, Secret Samadhi! RT for a chance to win an exclusive Secret Samadhi bundle including a signe… https://t.co/fjQuZNoX4E
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NEW album “RUMBLE OF THUNDER” is officially out NOW!🤘

You can watch the new ‘Bii Biyelgee’ music video on YouTube and stream on your preferred platform here: https://thehu.ffm.to/rumbleofthunder?fbclid=IwAR069sOgMxq-nfLSeDBZeIzKgAPoc3DZVly1EHhGyR_LOla_xl15cf-tQ2w..

The HU join Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth, and Fire From the Gods on Tour

Click Link for Tour Dates: https://www.thehuofficial.com/tour-1

The HU - Black Thunder Part 2 (Official Music Video)


The HU Announce 'The Hun Tour'
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Robert DeLong Drops New Single

"Did It To Myself (ft. Lights)"

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