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Promoting your music can be frustrating & stressful! We get it…. because we have been there too. The music business is not easy and most of the time you don’t even know if you are doing it right.


That is why we are so excited to bring you a team of people who know EXACTLY what they are doing!


This is an incredible opportunity to hear from a panel of experts in Streaming/DSPs, Touring, Artist Management, and Record Labels about how they promote the artist and their music in these varying backgrounds of the Music Industry.


In this Clubhouse will be hearing from:


John Butler (Music Streaming expert/former Global Genre Lead at Spotify) offers input on DSPs and Streaming


John Adams (WME Agency) shares his knowledge on tour marketing


Chris Hardin (Owner/Artist Manager - Hardin Bourke Entertainment and Harbour Records) dives into artist management and the indie label


Linda O Connor (Cofounder/CEO of MICCO) on artist management and guidance for the DIY professional/musician


This is a master class in music promotion - everything you need to know to succeed and thrive in this today's music business.


Each panelist will outline:


1) Primary objectives in their position on a daily basis

2) Success stories from each 

3) How they achieved those successes/objectives


Our Moderator Jenn Tolman Hurst, (CEO Streamline Talent Group) will then open the panel for further discussion to learn how they all interact with each other and how this contributes to building the big picture of an artists’ career.


This Clubhouse will only last for 45 mins and you will not want to miss the insider advice and tips that will be dropped!


So mark your calendars for this Friday, April 23rd @ 12 pm PST or 3 pm EST